Say No To Flu and Dirty Switch Plates It is that time of the year again!

Every monsoon season in India brings happiness and also the chances of falling sick. You may take all the preventive measures to save yourself from the flu; there is one area that you should not ignore – your switch plates.

But first, let us know more about germs and viruses and how they spread?

The most common way of catching flu is by sitting next to an infected person. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, the germs are released into the area around him.

When you inhale in this infected environment, you have a high chance of being the victim of the flu. Another way which may come as a shock to you is via switch plates.

Throughout the day, we touch multiple surfaces with bare hands. Whether at home or at the office, there is always the risk of falling sick because of the flu. And hence, you should be vigilant towards what surfaces you come in contact with.

One of the most common surfaces that everyone a…
Vihan is the official electric partner of U Mumba Kabaddi is one of the oldest sports in India. It marked its origin around 4000 years ago, in the epic tale of Mahabharata. Kabaddi is becoming the most sought after sport after cricket and football in India.
The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), the second most popular sports league in the country. There are 12 teams fighting for the crown.

Today, Vihan is proud to be associated with this highly respected ancient sport through Vivo Pro Kabaddi. We are the official electric partner of U Mumba. U Mumba represents the city of Mumbai in the Pro Kabaddi league.
Entering into the world of sports, Vihan is ready for all its future endeavours. Keep watching this space for highlights as the game proceeds!
Decorate Your Room With Latest Modular Switch Plate-Fullwoody by Vihan

Have you Ever Noticed that? One of the Most Boring things in the Room, with regards to décor, is a switch Plates, right ?

Conventionally, switches and cover plates were designed to perform two functions: keep wires out of sight, and provide you with smooth and convenient operation.

Nowadays there has been a great emphasis on the way you design your interiors and how it can speak about your persona. 

Therefore, it is crucial to upgrade your interiors with the best decor available in the market that can reflect your unique personality.

Sounds good?

So Stick with me here.

Vihan Electricals has extended its popular range of electrical Dimensions switch devices by adding a New Fullwoody Modular Switch Plate.

Fullwoody offers you ample of varieties with high performance. This new switch Plate redefine the meaning of class and luxury with their stunning, innovative and aesthetic appearance.

Fullwoody provide wide variety of colo…
Pick your Switch with just a few clicks.With the ever-evolving trends, electrical switch purchasing pattern has undergone a drastic change. Thanks to the new-age consumer and influence of the western world, consumers are very clear and specific about what they want. They are ready to invest their money, time and efforts for the same. 
Vihan Electricals, a leading name in electrical switches, wires and LED lights, has come up with an innovative online concept - VihanVisualiser - to simplify the choices and method of purchase for its consumers.
VihanVisualiser is a concept that allows you to visualise your interiors before finalizing your choices. Here is how you can do it:
Step 1: Select your background. Choose from wallpapers across various colours and patterns. 
Step 2: Pick your cover plate. We have over 50 types of cover plates that have various colours, textures and finishes.
Step 3: Decide on your switch.
The best part is, you can go reverse and select the switch first, or mix and…
Make your interiors go from dull to designer with Modular Switches

Don’t you feel like thetrends in the interior industry are changing constantly?
Changing the whole décor of your space to stay in vogue can be a tad bit expensive in the long run.
The switches today are not restricted to just usage but rather make a significant part of Interiors too.
So how do you go from dull to designer within a budget?
Vihan Presents New version of modular switches! Step up with designs to make your interiors look sleek and modern.
“Here's what's most important about this for you..."
Modular Switches are ideal for your home or office, as they are of superior quality, provide convenience and adapt flawlessly to all kinds of color schemes and interiors.
Homes and commercial buildings are becoming more dependent on electricity than ever. There are more gadgets in our home that require innovative electrical socket design.
Make your interiors go from dull to designer w…


Think of your home as a theatre notch.  It can have everything a home needs to look like it: the correct paint hues, the correct furnishings, the correct machines, and so on.
Everything could be actually where you need it and look precisely how you figure it should, however, what truly integrates the set is the lighting.
The right lighting ensures that each room sets the mood you want to convey and is properly set up for the activities that occur there.
That’s the power of lighting!!
This is Crazy, right?
The flash of the BIG BANG gave a start to life. The earth was created and then we the organisms came to life.
That was one light that marked the beginning of our Universe and it’s this day today when our life cycle is dependent on light. 
The term light doesn’t need any definition. Light has from time to time shown us how important it is. Be it the difference of day and night between nations, the ease of doing daily activities or even lots of other things.
The Ancient and Medieval method…

Vihan won the "Emerging brand of the year" in Realty+ INEX Awards 2019.

Realty plus launched for the very first time an event dedicated to the much talked about Property Technology. The event graced by tech wizards was held in on January 23rd, 2019 at ITC Maratha, Mumbai. The event showcased the most cutting-edge solutions, expert thought leadership & high-level networking opportunities tailored for real estate developers and industry professionals. In attendance were some of the eminent real estate industry and electrical firm leaders, design masterminds and disruptors in the real estate market.
The award received by Vihan chairman "Mr. Devendra Jain" on the onset of the year 2019 is a very proud moment for the entire team Vihan and its strategic distributors, partners, and retailers.

This award has strengthened, the trust of Brand among its users, because now they know they are using products of an award-winning company. Nevertheless, it's just the beginning, loads of awards are on the way because such is the commitment and vision of …