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Doorbell Switches and Panels are back to catch your imagination.

They say first impression is the last impression. And boy oh boy, it holds so true when it comes to welcoming a visitor at your doorstep. Doorbell switches have come back to catch attention and with a bang. The humble doorbell switch is getting a makeover with a lot of experimentation. The result is doorbell switches have started to make heads turn now. The one from Vihan – The fastest growing switch maker company – has caught the imagination of everyone. The Vintage 24 carat gold plated bell panel challenges you to keep your eyes off it. Its rich looks, royal feel and smooth texture make it a must-have for all those who value sophistication and are always on the lookout for something premium. So go to your nearest electrical store or log on to and select your Vintage 24 carat switch.

An Innovation that lead to Convenience, Control and Comfort

Innovations have often been a boon to mankind. Taking a clue, Vihan – the trusted name in electrical wires, switches and lighting solutions – came up with an innovation in wires and cable packaging resulting in immense benefits for electricians and assistants at the job site. Stackpak makes pulling out multiple wires at the job site extremely easy ensuring there is no entanglement. This enhances performance, ups the job satisfaction and reduces losses to zero. And that’s not all, after the completion of the job one can easily roll back the wire in to the Stackpak without any hassle in no time. The ease of carrying is the icing on the cake. It is available in 0.75, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, and 4.0 square mm wires of international quality. This innovation is is richly deserved by the hardworking and smart electricians across India. product Link :- Click here

Get Attention Spot On

In today’s world, attention is something everything seems to be seeking 24x7. But why just blame us humans? Because even brands need attention and perhaps more so that anybody else. Amongst many ways to catch attention, brands resort to Spot Lights when it comes to physical attention at a fixed location. These lights make them highlight their physical attributes better and take the d├ęcor of the space to a high level thereby making the ambience look cool, glamorized and head-turning. Vihan – the leading player in electrical systems – has a fantastic range of CABY spot lights. These LED spot lights are adjustable, come in multiple designs. Performance wise these are the best in the category with energy-saving, longer life attributes. CABY LED spot lights are a delight for every jeweler, apparel, furniture, books stores owners. And for all those who need to highlight their creations before the world.

The Art of Living Exemplified.

Art in its various forms have always inspired mankind. But when this inspiration extends itself to the designing of switches, one has to sit up and take notice. Vihan – a trusted name in electrical switches, wires and lights – has come up with a very interesting innovation in the form of Piano switches.  Designed in the shape of a piano key, these switches are the most elegant you would come across in recent times. Flat and sleek, they are grace and class personified. They operate with a soft touch and come with an LED indicator which glows when the switch in ‘on’ position. Art lover or unlike, you will definitely fall in love at first sight with this great range of switches from Vihan. You have four choices to pick from when it comes to colors – silver, velvet black, moon and white. Come, indulge.