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Fix your spot and also the light

Spot lights are increasingly becoming a must-have in every urban household when it comes to planning the décor. Showrooms and business units always were in love with it. But spot lights are now glowing in the new-found fan following. Buoyed with this, the manufacturers are attempting constant up-gradation in their product range. Catching the attention is the one from Vihan – Focus LED  Movable Recessed Spot Light. These adjustable down-lights allow maximum flexibility – you can rotate, revolve or swivel these lights in any direction you want to, highlight the area with just the right amount of light. These LED s come with a longer shelf life, consistent performance and save energy.

VIHAN Strip Light, Festivals, Action.

Festivals are here and everyone is in the mood to celebrate. And when it comes to celebration, lights play an important part.  For the past few years, strip lights are in much demand and it is seen that the demand increases more during the festive season. Flexion - Maxion LED strip light from Vihan – a major player in electrical systems in India – is of high quality that has long life. Its high lumen makes it extremely catchy and lends an attractive aura to the surroundings. This is the precise reason that apart from homes, Vihan Flexion-Maxion LED strip light is sought after by hotels, showrooms and all other commercial places that need to highlight their product and services.