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Think of your home as a theatre notch.  It can have everything a home needs to look like it: the correct paint hues, the correct furnishings, the correct machines, and so on. Everything could be actually where you need it and look precisely how you figure it should, however, what truly integrates the set is the lighting. The right lighting ensures that each room sets the mood you want to convey and is properly set up for the activities that occur there. That’s the power of lighting!! This is Crazy, right? The flash of the BIG BANG gave a start to life. The earth was created and then we the organisms came to life. That was one light that marked the beginning of our Universe and it’s this day today when our life cycle is dependent on light.  The term light doesn’t need any definition. Light has from time to time shown us how important it is. Be it the difference of day and night between nations, the ease of doing daily activities or even lots of ot